Our Story

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces has always been our passion.

JP Landscape was started in 1992 by Josh Polacek "JP" when he was a freshman at Central Washington University. His passion for landscaping and good customer service started several years before when he was a dependable 10-year-old mowing lawns in his neighborhood.  

After 25 years, the business has expanded from landscape maintenance to landscape construction and estate landscape management.  Some of the company's employees and customers have been with them for almost 20 years.  JP Landscape has built a reputation for being reliable and dependable because of the hard-working, talented, skilled, and friendly team they have built over the years. 


This philosophy permeates our company and translates into simple things like:

Listening carefully, thinking creatively, and communicating honestly
Performing site visits throughout your project to explain progress, status, and next steps
Sticking to our project timelines because we know that your personal life depends on it
Having our employees wear clean, clearly branded uniforms so you know who's on your property
Servicing our equipment on a strict weekly schedule so that everything keeps running smoothly
Making sure your money works as hard for you as it can, with thoughtful project management

Hiring a firm that understands all the facets of a complicated landscaping project is important.  The timing and logistics of materials delivery can make or break a planned schedule.

We also specialize in finding local or exotic products and materials to customize your landscaping project.

With decades of experience in high-end landscaping projects, you will be in good hands with JP Landscape.

View our project gallery and see the beautiful outdoor spaces we've created for customers like you.

Read our client reviews and testimonials to see what people say about working with us.

Most importantly, schedule a face-to-face meeting for a free initial consultation.

Together, we can transform the dreams of your outdoor living space into reality.

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